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Estelle Bossy

Estelle has been an impassioned member of New York’s beverage community for well over a decade, beginning as a high-volume bartender at The Standard, and in time, holding the reigns to two Michelin-starred programs as Bar Director of Del Posto and La Sirena. She served as Danny Meyer’s Beverage Director at Union Square Hospitality Group, where she mentored talent and fostered innovation across sixteen bars. She now consults with a wide range of clients as a mixologist, sommelier and educator. Her B. A. in Art History from Brown continues to fuel her fascination with societal relationships to food and beverage, and she has been featured on numerous media platforms including The New York Times, Food & Wine, Saveur, Tasting Table, Food52, InStyle and GQ. Estelle lives in Bushwick with her fiancé, Jake, and their two Siamese cats, Radish and Raclette.

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